Gorgeous Guest Rooms

It’s Christmas – and the guest bedroom needs some tender loving care. Like most things in life it’s never too early to get yourself organised, and God is most definitely in the detail with this often over looked room. So, give yourself lots of time, and follow these helpful hints to get ready for the arrival of even the most particular of house guests:

1. De-clutter and clean the room. The spare bed room is often the dumping ground so make sure you have cleared it out before guests arrive. As a guest, there’s nothing worse than having to compete for space amongst the ironing pile and the boxes of things that are waiting to go to the charity shop.

2. Make sure you provide a decent mattress. I even advise sleeping on it yourself for a night or two just to make sure it doesn’t give you back ache. There is nothing worse than having your precious sleep ruined by a horrible mattress. Tired guests are grumpy guests, and that’s no fun at all.

3. Provide at least two pillows per person to cater for all preferences. I like a combination of feather and down pillows which I think suits most people – unless of course they have allergies, in which case bamboo pillows work as a great option.

4. Put extra blankets out for those unexpectedly chilly nights. Don’t make your guests test their survival skills whilst staying with you.

5. Put a clock radio and a good reading lamp on the bedside table. People are often light sleepers when they are not in their own home, so give them the option to read or listen to the radio (quietly) if they wake up in the middle of the night.

6. Have a place to hang things up. Even if you don’t have floor space for a wardrobe, a row of hooks and some hangers will be greatly appreciated.

7. Put some magazines or books by the bed that you think might interest your guests. It’s a nice way to prepare mentally for their arrival.

8. A mirror is crucial – one less person competing for the main bathroom is always a good idea.

9. Provide clean sheets, towel and washcloth. Even sheets that have only been slept in for one night do not pass for clean sheets. Do as you would be done by is my motto.

10. Flowers in the room are always a lovely touch – even better if they fresh from your own garden. It shows you really care.

After all these careful preparations, I have just one wise proverb to impart:

Guests are like fish, they will always go off after 3 days.

On that note, I shall wish you a happy Christmas, and may the company of your house guests shine as brightly as your guest bedroom!