Lovely Living Rooms

“British style is about longevity and it is about comfort. It is rather like a good-looking English gentleman wearing a suit – the suit is probably old, yet it looks immaculate; it doesn’t scream at you and the person wearing it is comfortable wearing it. In the same way, a room that is well designed should not shout at you when you enter – it is about creating a place for people – for conversation and relaxation.”
Nina Campbell

Not everyone wants their home to look as formal as a quintessential English gentleman wearing a suit, but the principals Nina Campbell espouses are applicable to all good interiors – whether they are formal or casual, traditional or modern, English or otherwise.

When you are defining your personal style, the important thing is to be true to yourself. If it is true to you, then it will without doubt be timeless.

Everyone has bits and pieces that they have collected along the way. They define who we are and create interesting layers and memories in a room. Decide what you love, then get rid of the rest. Make those remaining pieces you love work in the new scheme. Once you have added a fresh coat of paint and bought a few new items, you will be amazed how old things in a new setting can be revitalized. Most importantly, this layering of the old and new in a room is what makes it beautiful, and most of all, entirely personal to you.

When it comes to buying those new things, take your time. Quality of construction and good design will last you a lifetime. Why not spend a bit more to have something that will be appreciated by you for many years to come, and who knows, may even be handed down the generations? Like an old family recipe – it just gets better and more loved over time!