Project Description

When I purchased a Victorian cottage in need of complete modernisation, I did a web search for an interior designer in the area. There were several to choose from but Maggie’s website stood out. I liked her fresh, simple, uncluttered design and approach. Maggie lived up to her website. I’ve never had a property completely refurbished before and was feeling somewhat overwhelmed but she guided me in all aspects of the work, including the order in which to get the work done. As a busy working professional, I didn’t have time to do in-depth background work or consider the layout of rooms and designs to go for. Although I knew I wanted a modern, uncluttered feel, I didn’t have any stand out inspiration and had few creative ideas. I needn’t have worried because Maggie came up with an abundance of ideas and suggestions and provided samples and draft designs which enabled me to visualise the finished result and make informed decisions. She considered the overall flow and style of the house and suggested opening up the doorway from the dining room to the kitchen and moving a doorway from the dining room to the office. This has made the space appear bigger and flow better. The idea would never have occurred to me to do this. Maggie recommended excellent trades people who she has tried and tested many times so I had peace of mind. By using Maggie I have been able to avoid expensive and time consuming mistakes. She has years of experience and knows just about all of the pit falls and bonuses involved which she explains to you. I like that Maggie can be as involved as much or as little as you want her to be. You have the choice to have her do individual tasks or the whole lot. Maggie gets things going without delay. If were all down to me, I’d still be dithering to this day! Our working relationship has covered a long time span as I gather the next round of funds for more work. I thoroughly recommend the services of MG Interior Design.

Bernadine P