What is Interior Design?


My first video in which I discuss Hedgehogs and their relevance to the world of Interior Design.

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  • Living room designed by Maggie Greening MG Interior Design

The Living Room – the truth…


Not everyone wants their home to look as formal as a quintessential English gentleman wearing a suit, but the principals Nina Campbell espouses are applicable to all good interiors – whether they are formal or casual, traditional or modern, English or otherwise.

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  • Flowers MG Interior Design Maggie Greening

Flower Power


Beautiful flowers and awe-inspiring interiors are a match made in heaven. During Design Week at Chelsea Harbour some of us were lucky enough to catch Rob Van Heldon talking about his world famous flower arranging skills. 

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  • Beautiful bathroom, MG Interior Design

Beautiful Bathrooms


Designing a bathroom can be great fun. The challenge to designing a beautiful bathroom is that you have to pack a lot of things in to what is, usually, a relatively small space.

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Maggie’s A-Z of the Kitchen


A is for attitude. Designing any room in your home is a rewarding experience but it does take time. A little extra thought is required designing a kitchen because there is rather a lot to consider. So, as your fitness instructor might say to you, it's time to dig deep.

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A Welcoming Guest Bedroom


It’s Christmas – and the guest bedroom needs some tender loving care. Like most things in life it’s never too early to get yourself organised, and God is most definitely in the detail with this often over looked room.

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